Mouse press not recognised after variable change unless pointer is moved

I have my game set up so that a different animation plays on mouse press, depending upon the variable. However, when switching between variables, the mouse press does not seem to be recognised unless I move the mouse pointer first. Basically, after changing the variable, I can’t click in the same place again.

I do not believe this is a problem with my code, as it works fine if I change it to a key press. It’s not my mouse since it always works fine (and I tested a different mouse anyway). Furthermore, this problem only occurs in windowed mode - in fullscreen it doesn’t happen at all.

Is this a bug or am I mistaken?

You should try to replicate the issue in an empty project first, to see if it’s related to your project, and if you do replicate it, you can share it with us. :+1:
I did not notice this, it might be just a problem with your conditions. :blush: