Mouse Wheel up/down, MouseWheelDelta() not supported ?


I was in a “quick & dirty” rush for small project, and was about to set some actions on mouse wheel movements… I was about to use, like in GD4 native, MouseWheelDelta() in expression editor, but it seems it’s not supported… In GD5 or maybe in HTML5 platforms ?

I used to use MouseWheelDelta() for this…

Thanks (in advance) !

Up !

I tried several things with JS, but i failed (JS is definitively not for me…).

If no answer or confirmation that mousewheel cannot be used in condition/action/expression, i’ll make a feature request.

Seems that the action was never ported, probably thinking more in mobiles, make the feature request in Trello, I’ll add a card when available.

Now for GD5

Get mouse wheel delta GD5

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