Move enemy with physic top down game

Those numbers are just what I used to match up the speed of the “ghost” with the movement via physics when using 60 as a speed.

You’ll have to match up the both the pathfinding speed with the physics speed your self (for example for the movement speed of 18/1000 (physics force) it was around 45 for the pathfinding max speed)

Thank you for the shared example, now it’s all clear. One last thing, how can I make the object stops when it reachs the last node?

It really depends on how you want to handle it. For example you could only apply the physics force IF the destination is not reached, you could check the speed of the pathfinding and when it reaches 0 stop applying the physics force or disable the behaviour.

Hi, I know I’ve reopened a post from the past but I’m looking for a solution to my problem throughout the forum.
I was following this example and it seems to be what I was looking for except for the fact that I can’t set the enemies at an adequate speed… they seem crazy.
@Eiklahc could you kindly help me I attach a game example