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I have a big question, I make a game and i move the JSON the save and files Evenets,extensions,etc… in the same file. BUT I start Gdevelop and the text i see is “The file doesn’t exist” I need go an select the file manual the JSON.
My question is: Move the files have some real problem? where is the limit I can move or alternate the files?

I think this is beacause GDevelop opens projects in such a way that if you change the directory of the JSON, GDevelop can’t find it because it opens the folder where the JSON was in when GDevelop last opened that project and since it can’t find what it was looking for, you get The File Doesn’t Exist error message

This is also how other softwares behave

Yes but, I never exported one game or published, so i don’t know how the system locate or organize the files when you export, how i Know what system use Gdevelop to export? I can edit what files y wanna to export in the game? Move the JSON in other file affect in export or others?

Moving the game’s source code doesn’t affect the folder to which it exports as GDevelop can export to any folder of your choice

Thanks very much, the last 2 question is…
1- How much files and carpets i can select? (carpets NO inside other carpets)
2- How carpets inside carpets can read Gdevelop to export (In these case in my PC I change one file into 6 carpets to other file inside 6 carpets and maked me message can’t do because are to long…)

What do you mean by CARPETS

Sorry, my error, i wanna say “Folders” sorry about my english…

No hay problema
¿Podrías decirlo en español?

So I can understand better

1- Cuántos archivos y carpetas yo puedo seleccionar para exportar un juego? (Suponiendo que son carpetas y archivos Que NO están dentro de otra carpeta, es decir, por ejemplo 2.000 archivos libres, puede leerlos?)
2- Cuántas carpetas dentro de otras carpetas puede leer Gdevelop? (Un ejemplo que me paso en mi PC: Quería mover un archivo que estaba en el interior de 6 carpetas, es decir [C1>C2>C3>C4>C5>C6>Archivo] y lo quería mover a otra carpeta, nuevamente dentro de otras 6 carpetas, por ello el desplazamiento son 12 carpetas, pero mi PC no me permitió mover el archivo porque la codificación era muy larga).
Por ello quiero conocer el límite de lectura, porque estoy organizando mi juego en varias carpetas y puede ser que no lea todas…

GDevelop should be able to open a project as long as the Game.JSON file for that game is in the one inside the project folder

And exporting should work normally no matter the number of files in project folder

mmm, the folder JSON is inside one carpet and all the game are outside that folder, the export can maded normal?

In this image, the folder superior left have the JSON, the other folders are parts of my game.

If the files work normally when you open it in GDevelop
Then it should work properly when you export it

ok Thanks again, if you need some help, I try to help you! ^W^

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