Movement in air

A really simple request.

Can we have a selector for “Disable Controls While in Air”?

Custom controls are a workaround but I’ve found that disabling default controls doens’t come without it’s own little problems.

Maybe I’m alone here but for creating things like retro style platformers it’d be amazing.

The only issue I could see is if it stopped directional movement totally. The character would (or should), for example, jump right which would take the sprite right and up until gravity brings it back down (still moving right) where normal controls would resume on landing. Like in Manic Miner.

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No clue what maniac miner is, but theres not really a need for a new feature for this.

In general, there are no issues with disabling default controls. If you are experiencing weirdness you’d need to provide more detail so we could help.

My general recommendation would be to always have default controls disabled, then set up your own controls, even if this uses the same buttons/keys.
This allows you to add conditions to your controls such as “is jumping” or “is on floor”. This will allow you to do what you are looking to accomplish.

Before your time? :wink:

It’s one of the classic Spectrum games. Here’s a web version of it

“when not in floor ? disable control” like that ?

It was a while ago but using custom controls caused my code not to work.

The thread is here Collapsing platform not behaving as expected - #5 by Mr_Nick666

I’ve encountered a couple of little weird things.