Moving camera creates a visual glitch on Tiled Sprite object

Some lines appear around my tiled sprite when I move the camera.

You can see this between the red triangles (the ones that are bellow the moving box, not the ones that are between the floating stairs, the former are tiled sprites, the latter are sprites.)

Is this a Gdevelop bug? or is it related to something else?

Thanks in advance.

2022-08-12 17-40-10

This is unfortunately due to a rounding issue with the object type in the renderer (PixiJS). It has to do with low resolution games + floating positions. As far as has been reported, it is not currently something resolvable on the GDevelop side directly, but you might be able to mitigate it somewhat by enabling the “Round coordinates” checkbox in your project settings.

Note, this will round everything.

Good to know that I wasn’t doing something wrong haha, thanks for the help, hope this gets fixed in the future.