Moving conditions to sub-conditions

Is there a reason why I can’t drag and drop conditions to a sub-condition category used in conditions like “And” and “Or” while I can Cut and Paste them using the right-click menu?


Edit: The conditions can be drag and dropped if there are already sub-conditions present, but if there are no sub-conditions, you can’t do it.

Its a bit tricky but if you slide gently the condition more to the right is working

I think it’s a bug. It’s been happening on my end too since the last software update.

Also, it seems to only happen when the condition is empty.
Once you have another in it, you can drag others.

@DarkHeliosGames I don’t understand :sweat_smile:
Can you explain a bit more using screenshots or gifs? :sweat_smile:

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@Phenomena Ya forgot to mention it in the question. I’ll add it now. Thanks.

This is the way to do it

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@DarkHeliosGames I succeed once in every 10 tries. It’s going to take some practice I guess.

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I believe in you :smile:

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It was better when it didn’t need to be fiddled around with.

And @piyushpalawat99, you didn’t have to add what I said.
It was only an additional observation, not posted to correct you.

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With practice, I get it about half of the time…
I noticed it’s impossible to reach it from above, only from below.

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