Moving platform problem

Hello !

In my game I have 2 types of moving platforms.
One is going up and down and the other one left and right.

With the second type I have no problem.

However, with the first platform type, the one going up and down, when my character walks on it he start to bug. His animation are changing between the standing and walking animation super fast.

I guess there is a problem because the game think my character is walking / not walking /walking / not walking or something like that, but I have no idea on how to solve that.

Here is my code :

You can try to test if the player is on a platform moving up/down to avoid the animation change.

Well but then it means that when the player is moving on the platform he’ll keep the standing animation which is quite weird…

I have the same problem with you on youtube RapaGamez have a solution he is making a change in the centre pivot of the player while in the specific platform module he is calling a test condition for example like this
Condition Action
The X position of player is <Platform.X(Centre) + 40 Do = 0 to variable PlayerAnimations
The X position of player is >Platform.X(Centre) - 40
The Y position of player is <Platform.Y(Centre)
The Y position of player is >Platform.Y(Centre) - 75
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