Multi-touch not responding

Please see what’s wrong with the multi-touch, It’s not very accurate & seems as if it reacts depending on how hard the screen is pressed. It needs some kind of sensitivity adjustments or something. It works fine if your tapping slowly, but fast taps aren’t detected each time. I’m using iPhone 13 Pro Max in safari, even tried my iPad & a friends 12 pro max, I have the cursor showing at all times. I can touch with two fingers & it shows that I’ve touched with two fingers, I can touch with three fingers & it shows that I’ve touched with three fingers. The problem is that if you tap/touch with two or three fingers rapidly, it won’t detect those touches every time, but if you tap/touch the screen rapidly with force it responds as you need it to. I’ve been testing it for months hoping an update would fix it, but there’s been nothing. You guys should update that area of gdevelop, im 90% finished with my game but I’m in fear of releasing it because I know the touches aren’t accurate. If you look more into it you will see what I mean. Try showing the cursor & making the player move left & right very rapidly or just try showing cursor while tapping with 3 fingers rapidly, it will miss tap very often, sometimes even leaving the touches on the screen forcing you to refresh the browser. Overall, it’s a great program, I love it, but that part will be a big drawback for many users, unless your someone like me whose willing to accept it for what it is because it’s the most user friendly program available. I’m patiently waiting for an update because I want the reviews of my game to be as minimum as possible, but with this issue I know there will be many bad reviews due to users losing the game because the character isn’t responding to what they’re telling it. I wouldn’t be able to solve the problem because I’ve maxed out my options in the program. Please into this, thanks guys!

Hello, welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce this issue. I have just tested on a iPhone XR, a Galaxy S21, and a Windows tablet with multitouch. I can basically rapidly tap as fast as possible on the multitouch example without any issues even with 4 fingers.

You should test with that example and see if it works for you. If it does, then it is something specific to your events. If it doesn’t work, I can’t personally can’t provide further assistance since I can’t reproduce it.

It still does it on mine, it’s like when the cursor deletes, it deletes too slow. I followed the gdevelop Multi-Touch example but it still misses touches. Do you have an example of what should be done or an example of how you tested it? I would love it if I could get it to work flawlessly.

All I did was open up the multi-touch example on Chrome on my phones, and just rapidly tapped the screen with 4 fingers, all of the pointer icons appeared and disappeared for however long I touched, no matter how fast I tapped between fingers/all fingers at a time.

Unfortunately, there’s not much other guidance I can give beyond that.