Multiple Hitboxes with different Collosions per object

So for an example lets say I have an enemy object that kills the player, but I want the collision mask with the floor to have a different collision mask than the player, like I want the enemy object to have two collision masks that I can choose which one to use in the collision condition, and it will only return true if it is touching that collision mask. What I currently do is I have a invisible object with a different collision mask follow the enemy object, but it would be nice to have multiple hitboxes per object.

Mentioned this on discord, but: Multiple collision masks/hitboxes are already possible in GDevelop. You just need to click on the bottom right most + when editing hitboxes. It’ll add a new polygon for you.

You cannot target hitboxes separately though, they’re all treated as part of the object’s collision.

If you want to target them separately right now you’d need hidden objects used for hitboxes with unique names.

Separately, this feature request currently already exists here: Multiple mask that can be used individually - #7 by Midhil