Multiple spaces not get saved in text.

I don’t know if it a bug or a “feature” so I just leave it here and let you decide.
In case it a bug, then consider it a bug report, in case it a “feature” then consider it a feature request.

In case we have multiple spaces in a text, GD does not save it and leave only one space for us.
For example, I want (yes I do want) 3 spaces in a text and as long the project is open, it seem to be saved that way but as soon as I close the project and open it again, I got only 1 space in the text.

I do have this “problem” in both the text object and text field at the beginning, in between and at the end of text.
Would be great if GD would save even multiple spaces in texts.

And please, do not move this topic in to Help section because I’m not asking for work around to solve the problem by using " " + " " +" ", I’m about to report a bug or request the feature here regardless if it can be worked around or not.

Thanks a lot.

This is a bug of our XML library (TinyXML 1) that has a improper handling of spaces in XML documents. It removes multiple spaces inside values () and in-between a text XML tag (like MY TEXT HERE) instead of keeping them. A solution is to update to TinyXML 2 (which is better and preserve whitespaces/line breaks in those cases).

I’m going to see what we can do to update it.