Music, gems and me : Little social music experimentation

I’ve been working on a little web experimentation :
First choose a nice music. When it’s playing, just click on ‘+’ whenever there is something you like ( instrument, lyrics, anything ) and on ‘-’ if you don’t like something else.
This generate a graph showing the best part of the song. In particular, it can be interesting when lots of users have been submitting their graphs. :slight_smile:

Try it here:

Very good idea.It can be useful for any type of media content.For example tutorials,reviews too.
It can provide a lot more detailed feedback than a simple Like - Dislike button and more effective than comments because the author can see the overall opinions on simple graph in a second.
But maybe the possibility to add short comments like one sentence to ‘+’ ‘-’ graph points,could be useful
For example,the graph could show a little red point where a comment is added,and if somebody is click on it,it shows all the comments related to that point of the timeline.

Seriously,very good.In my opinion a lot of youtubers would be interested in this.
If google is not,but lot of youtubers use Wordpress to power their website,so I think it can worth it to make a Wordpress plugin of this.

Anyway,whatever is your plan , I think I have found some bug :smiley:
In Internet Explorer 10,only one video starts whatever I choose from the list: … r_embedded
If I click on forget and restar,the video will not restart if it supposed to do,anyway nothing happens.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
Yeah, there would be a lot of improvements that could be done ( comments, more stats ), I will try to add some features and fix bugs with IE when I’ve got some time for that! :slight_smile: