Music or Sound?

hi shiny happy people of GDEVELOP,

gently asked, someone can tell me difference between using sound or music? i’m actually using a .mp3 sound on a channel as background looped music. And works perfectly.

… so why use “music” option???

thanks, Ermes.

Up to my knowledge, sound is a short file. Like when you are hurt, you play aah.mp3, when you kill enemy, you play enemy_death.mp3, like that short file. But a music is like song of a game. The heavy beat we hear during boss battles are music. But the swinging of sword which goes swoosh, it is a sound.
Another example of sound is: cling when we jump in Mario
And music is this:

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i see. so the odd is i’m usig a 3 minutes sound as a music…

BUT: “play a music on a channel” and “play a sound on a channel” have any structural difference in GDEVELOP?

You should use 3 minutes sound as music.
Playing something on a channel, I don’t know much about them but I do know that they give flexibility to developers.

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From this post:

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PLAY SOUND is good, PLAY MUSIC is bad.


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Music uses HTML5 Audio and Sound uses WebAudio. The difference is that HTML audio is an older standard that requires user interaction before playing and is pretty inflexible. The WebAudio backend is better and more powerful, it also allows for many manipulations like spatial sound.

@Muzan it is nothing against you but I often see factual wrong answers coming from you. Please do not share wrong answers. If you are not sure or are guessing, presenting an answer that is false will probably hurt more than not answering, in this case for example you are advising to use music for longer tracks where in fact for longer tracks too sound is better in most cases. If you want to verify some info before posting it, you can either try it out in GDevelop by yourself or if not possible like in this case search on the wiki for a page that backs your claim.


Thanks, now i understand why we have music and sound. All clear.

i glady read the opinions of all the users here, sometimes are corrects, sometimes a bit less. Truth is made of little pieces of ideas, experiences, wanderings, all pressed togheder as from grapes we made wine.

i like wine very much, here in Italy we have dozens of exceptional wines…

:wine_glass: to you, dear users.


I only thought of it as music = song = longer tracks. Now I know the truth

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as a believer, the truth is the only thing i need. And the truth is GDEVELOP still amazing me.

i don’t know how the fate drive me to this great program, and this awesome community.