My 3D Action Horror Game

Making a 3D Action Game in Gdevelop. Mechanics are already working. For now 3D is a little bit difficult in Gdevelop, so i had to add some mechanics like Collision and combat system etc. with javascript. But it makes fun combining the no coding event system with javascript so in the end you can save a lot of work making the game.

Check it on Youtube!

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How did you get the fog.I am Also making a 3d horror game but just cant get the fog

You mean how you get it in general? Its an 3D effect on the layer which you can use by clicking on the sun symbol right to the layer.

Oh my gosh how did i not know this feature

Its a great game its nice that there are also coordinates showing

The performance and the mechanics of your game are just great :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
But the movement of your player and zombies need to improve they are what will make your game realistic i swear.
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