My attack animatipn plays the first frame only what is the problem[solved]

How long are the attack animations playing for? How many frames does each attack animation have?

it usually for about a second for each animation and the frames for my attack animation 1 is 3 frame, for attack animation 2 it is 5 frame and for attack animation 3 it is 4 frames

That’s how these things usually work - multiple button presses to start the next attack.

How do you see one button press working? I can only envisage the attack kicking in depending on how long the button is pressed. In which case, you’ll need to use a timer. Start the timer when the button is pressed and when the button is released check the timer value and base the attack on that (that’ll be 3 subevents)

if I need to add a timer thats fine but can you show me an example so I know what I need to add

I have never used timers in gdevelop so I don’t know how to use them correctly :sweat_smile:

Think of a timer as stopwatch. You can start it, pause it, reset it and check to see what it’s value is. That pretty much sums up timers.

To use one as I suggest earlier, try:


that didn’t work well so imma just keep my attack system the same for now