My attempt at a Wave-Survival FPS Game

I made a prototype that will soon become a fully-fledged game in the future. For now, I am very curious to see the feedback. I have a feeling that the project might become a little too ambitious, but I wouldn’t mind at all.

Here’s my game: A Very Consistent FPS Game.

Note: I’m currently working on the feature will allow you to save and display your high-score on the Main Menu. Nevertheless, please enjoy…

Also, I recommend playing the game on browsers that enhances your performance, and on fullscreen.


Checked out your game, “A Very Consistent FPS Game.” It’s got potential, and I like the ambition. I’ll give it a try and share my feedback soon.

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Hey, nice foundations!
I’ll start with what I liked first: you actually turned off texture smoothing! Well done. I also like your concept of just drawing the guns in 2D. I tried to model a gun in 3D, but have ran out of motivation to make it work properly. (Maybe I’ll come back to it someday lol)
The gun sound was also perfect.

I managed to give it a go, but the mouse was too sensitive for me to really try playing it.
I use a cheap vertical mouse, which may not have high “polling rate” or something. I also didn’t feel like turning down my Windows’ mouse sensitivity just for one game. Pretty sure it’s quite simple to make a global variable to affect the sensitivity, since you’ve already created the rest of the game!

On a last note, I find it hilarious how similar this looks to LISA The Painful’s game over screen - a game that does its best to give you one. LOL


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Thank you for the feedback! I’ll try to add a setting that will allow you change your mouse sensitivity.

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