My BGM Packs for your game

I wrote, performed and recorded all these via overdubs with an old Ibanez Guitar+Bass, Yamaha PSR Keyboards and a Yamaha DTX Drumkit. All tracks here are CC BY-ND 4.0 International, Feel free to use them with games commercial and non-commercial. Besides accreditation, i ask that you send me a free copy of your game :slight_smile:

Tracklist :

01 The Age of Ravens

02 The Dark Priestess (Looped)

03 In The Eye of The Storm

04 In The Eye of The Storm (Alternate Version)

05 East of Eden

06 Autumn Rain

07 Between Two Worlds (Looped)

08 Minotaur Emperor (Looped)

09 Blood Hunt (Looped)

10 Across The Ocean’s End

11 New Tokyo (Looped)

12 Haruhi’s Carousel

13 Metropolis (extra track, badly played)

Download the zip here:


New Stuff! Music to destroy vampires by:

Hawthorne’s Trigger

Hawthorne’s Trigger (Vampire Killer Mix)

The Door to the Nether World Opens:


Spiritwalker (Hollow Earth Mix)

There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide …

Dark Pursuit (Fixed Version)

Dark Pursuit (Raw Mix)

The EP can be downloaded here:

This was performed on a Yamaha DX100.

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Cool, thanks! :slight_smile: :metal:

I haven’t used any of them (yet), but like your style.

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Thanks Phenomena! :v:

Tonight we bring the war to the gates of hell …

Retaliation is inspired by the Winchester Brothers:


Soundcloud Playlist:

On the trusty setup: ibanez guitars/bass, dtx drumkit and yamaha psr keyboards.

Download The EP here:

… and so begins the final EP to complete the Shadow Hunters trilogy:

Cross of Beziers was made in homage to:

edit: fixed and replaced vendetta tracks which were clipping.

Vendetta is dedicated to the most famous of Shadow Hunters among gamers: The Belmont Clan!

“You have become a cursed being and I will never forgive you. This whip and my kinsmen will destroy you someday. From this day on, the Belmont Clan will hunt the night!”
-Leon Belmont, Castlevania: Lament of Innocence.


Soundcloud Playlist:

The Entire Shadow Hunters Trilogy is dedicated to all the men and women around the world, across all creeds and cultures, who selflessly hunt and flush out the darkness and evil that walk among us. May the Vigil continue to show the way … SHINE ON!

Download The EP here:

The guitar tunes are pretty spot on, but the movie is pretty cheezzy with those 90’s DNA. But it has a somewhat sad and disturbing end.