My entry for Igniter GAME JAM

Hi guys!, Here is my submission for the Igniter GAME JAM, I’ve been short in time due to University so, I’m currently not able to make the music for the game this time.

I explored the tween function a little more to make the game feel visually enjoyable And for the first time I used the particle system!

I had a fun time working on this one :smiley:

Hope you guys like it!


Funny game but i think the game display area is too small.
Can you increase the display size?

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thanks for letting me know! Yes I’m gonna increase it, and make the fullscreen option available :ok_hand:

Cool little game! :smiley:

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Congratulations, please check the community post within the gamejam to contact us.

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It would be greater if you added a demonstration mode.
For what, you can use list or structure which would contain the demonstration movements.
Or even several lists to have more randomly demonstrations.

I’m glad you liked it!