My exported game is just a black screen, can anyone help with this?

So basically whenever i open (or even preview for that matter) it just comes up with a black screen, anything you need to help me i will send you it :))


Is this in preview mode, i.e. run from the editor?

Scrap that question, I should read more thoroughly before replying.

When you run it in preview, and get the black screen, press ctrl-shift & i (for developer tools). Click on console. Are there any error messages?

Yeah it comes up with this

Can you specify the build version of the app?
Did you use Bitmap Text object?
Is all properties in Bitmap Text object are filled?

runtimegame.ts:93 Uncaught TypeError: gdjs2.BitmapFontManager is not a constructer
at new RuntimeGame (runtimegame.ts:93)
at index.html:104
at index.html:116

is what comes up as an error