My first Android game

I recently published my first Android game on Google Play store and Amazon Appstore. Actually, this should only be a test. Wanted to test how it all works at the stores. Although I only worked on it for about 2 days, I think it turned out to be quite funny. Haven’t promoted the game yet. I’m also not very familiar with it. I’ll deal with it more soon. The actual game I’m working on is much bigger and richer. However, I have already advertised it in Broiler Stars. If you want to try out a very small funny game, here is the link:

Thank you

Greetings Markus

P. S.
The update has been out for a few days. Greetings Markus

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Ads Version:

PREMIUM Version:

Cool, I made my first android game called mr.cube, no it’s not on Google Play, it might be on y’know but not sure if it’s updated I am not on computer rn