My First Ever Game Has Been Released Please Give Your Thoughts

GDevelop allowed me to finish my first game much more easily.
Thank you to all the developers who made this remarkable software possible.
Thanks also to the wonderful community especially the regulars like
@arthuro555, @MrMen, @Silver-Streak, & @Gruk who help us all.

My game can be played at

Please leave feedback and share so I can get as much input as possible.
I noticed the game runs slowly when played in Google Chrome, so play with another browser or download the game.


This is cool! Nice idea with a unique take (and a fair bit of knowledge) on how the market works. Even though it´s pretty well explained it’s still a bit tricky to understand exactly what does what, and what different levels do.

It´s also cool to hear my music in there :wink:

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Yeah that’s the main problem I’ve encountered from other people’s feedback.
When you have a novel concept and or niche idea there is that hurdle to understand.
The only thing I could do to remedy this to some degree is to have a video tutorial or a really fast interactive tutorial play session. I think this is at least one reason why more unique game ideas aren’t made. Say I have a lot of ideas for a new game but I think I’ll stick to something more conventional this time just so I can grow more of an audience.

I was thinking of a simple mini golf/pool type of game where you hit a ball to a target. I was thinking of making more complicated with other variations like trick crossbow shots, or magnetically launched projectiles. However this would probably run into the same problem of being too complicated to understand at first like my Market Mover game.