My first game :D

Hi GDevs,
Here is the link for my first game : โ€ฆ apeshooter
Try it out and rate :smiley:
If you have any questions about something in the game I maybe could help all of you.I made this game in 6 days with little knowlege of coding and the help of you guys.
I would also thank the GDevelop Team for making this happen.
Keep up the good work!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
(english for my bad sorry)

Incredible work man! Itโ€™s really tough on the first try. Kudos!

Thank you soo much :smiley:

Nice simple game! I played it at food break at work and it worked nicely using one hand only :slight_smile: I got ~54 points and I think if I want to get more points Iโ€™ll need both hands to tap :smiley:

Have you thought to add more content to your game? I think itโ€™s great time killer now :slight_smile:

Thank you soo much :smiley:
I watched your tutorials for some parts of the game and they were a big help for me :laughing:

I got some ideas for more simple games like this one. But if the game gets some more downloads I would 100% get more content and performance improvements. I like making simple one tap games. :smiley:

Keep up with your tutorials. Theyโ€™re nice and help alot :slight_smile:

Thanks again for the reply :smiley: