My First Game Ever!

Yes, it has finally happened. Thanks to GDevelop, I just published my first game ever! :mrgreen:
You can play it here:

Although, I must admit that the game is not so awesome, it is at least a game!

Please check the game out and send your feedback to me! :smiley:

Nothing bad, I’m also a beginner and I have to compliment you
I miss an important part the audio part however I do not want to hurry it takes time and patience.

Regarding the collisions I do not think there are big problems I’ve come to level 2 then or lost.

It seems to me all the same.

Here I have managed to complete everything, the first platform seems too slow, but the rest is all right.

Another problem is the camera floats a bit on the game but it’s a bearable thing.

Really nice first game :smiley: , just camera little weird, and can you change “Jump” key to “Space” or both “LShift”?(But I not recommended using Shift key, because Windows :exclamation: …You know… :neutral_face: ) Keep it up. :smiley: