My first game in 2d

good afternoon guys, and the following today I’m launching my first game.
I’m new to this gaming business and I would like to know how to improve the game.
I didn’t buy art because I could copyright
At first I know the game sucks, but it’s my first project, and I’m going to improve this game.
just give me tips to improve

follow the link below

obs:Write in the game comments on
and please help me

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A really nice first game. Good luck :slight_smile:


Mas se você puder me fala o que eu tenho que melhorar por favor

Eu sei que está bom mas falta muita coisa né

I’ll say sounds for the win and lose. And a short time for the win and lose scenes. Sometimes you can skip them totally, so you can’t read them.

I am new to gaming too so I have some troubles. I am not able jump the character.