My first game is in the "coming soon" state on Steam

so it is not released yet, but I hope it will as soon as possible.

this is the first game I created ever.


So cool to release it on Steam, great job!

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I like when you die and become gost

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thank you. and thank you for the controller/gamepad extension! without this the whole game would be useless.

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thank you! the graphics is pretty minimalist because I’m not a graphic artist. I’m glad you found a little part of it that you like.

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Congratulations! :clap: Must be awesome to see your own game on Steam. Any demo available or just going straight to full version?

I’m actually wondering that about my own game too, whether I should release a demo or go straight to full version.

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That’s the kind of tough skill game I like to play and to make!
For information, your game has a little resemblance to the game released early 1980s on Commodore 64 called “Impossible Mission”

Well, keep it up!

I haven’t demo, but thats a good feature. made one if you can :+1: . and thank you.

LoL. i searched the internet and really! there are similarities!

It’s already made, of course!
Welle done!