My first game on - Meow Keep

Thanks to G Develop, I’ve got my first game on - Return To Meow Keep.
Return To Meow Keep on
For more information about the game:
Meow Keep homepage (Information)
This was created in G Develop, and started off as a demo game called “Magic Kitty”
Magic Kitty (Demo thread)
Thanks to the suggestions that I received in that thread, I started over from the ground-up, doubled the amount of event customization, redrew all the artwork in a higher bit-depth, and spent 3 full weeks designing the final game. I’m still amazed by how quickly everything came together, and would recommend Gdevelop to anyone who wants to create a game but doesn’t want to spend 6months+ in development. :slight_smile:

Just completed your game, not bad at all.
I especially like your level design. The locked doors make you revisit areas and makes the world feel larger than it actually is.

Some suggestions:

  • Having a different key for double jump is a little cumbersome. Better use the jump key and perform a second jump while in the air.
  • play a sound when trying to do a double jump while out of energy. Took me some time to figure out way the double jump didn’t always succeed.
  • After finding a couple of keys I somehow lost overview which keys I already had found. It would be nice if you coud add a visual representation of found keys to the HUD.
  • The levels look a little empty, add a few background object. Even a repeating wall texture with ocasional candles and stuff would do a lot to the atmosphere.

By the way nice someone still remembers alley cat, I used to play it a lot when I was a kid. ^^

great game, fun and in HTML5 my favorite for convenience.
congratulations again for the product: P.

Yes, I like it, too. Good game.
Congratulations on the work done!
Keep going! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile: You can keep track of how many keys you have on the pause screen (P), the pause screen also allows you to enter cheat codes