My first Game: Run Troll Run! Windows-Android

Hello all,
i just created my first game ever, in gdevelop engine ofcourse.

It is an Fast-paced, lava rush platformer for Windows and Android. You have control over small green Troll. He managed to escape the vulcano eruption, but now the lava is right behind him. Escape the lava and score up while standing on checkpoints, but don’t stand there for too long, lava is right behind you!

Game was launched on 13.5.2019 and it is an early release. Game will be updated weekly. Bigger map, new assets, and who knows what else.

*Double Jump enabled

*Unique Gameplay

*Beat the Score

Link to game:

You are Welcome to my discord channel:

Link to Android version:

Link to Youtube channel: (also with gameplay)

Thanks for support !