My first game that works properly!

Hello everyone! Almost I can introduce you my demo game called “Minerim”. Funny mix of “Minecraft” and “Skyrim”. How do you think is game good or shameful?

It is an interesting concept but obviously there is a lot to improve.

It easy to kill the enemies and to walk around to catch them before they kill any villagers is not that fun to be honest.
In case you want to make it to be an open world to explore and do quests, then lot of things still need to be done.
Maybe you should turn this in to a tower defense game similar to Sanctum. You can walk around and kill the enemy, may even upgrade the character with different weapons and armor but you also need to build defense to keep the enemies away from the villagers and the enemies should come in waves on specific path as usual in a tower defense game.

Not too bad for one’s first game.

Oh, one thing, it seems you need to sort the objects, when you want over an NPC, you literally stand upon his head.

Great! I see a lot of potential in this game and can’t wait how you gonna improve it!
-What you should do is make those hitboxes better and like utunnels said, sort the objects better.
-Also I’d like to see some graphical improvements, like some shadows here and there (houses, trees, NPC’s, player needs something and I don’t think that small shadow is good enough what is under player. Or shadows should be more darker).
-Add some objects in the village, so it feels like a village. Now it’s kind of a blank.
-If you decide to make point system and how long you can survive or something like that, add gamejolt api in html version so players can compete in leaderboard :stuck_out_tongue: Here’s instructions:

Many thanks for your replies! I hope with your tips I’ll improve my game.

I really like this game. This is really solid and impressive for a first working game.

Only thing that annoyed me is running around with slow movement speed to find where the zombies where. But once i got used to just roaming around the center more, it was easy.

It is not bad, but maybe it is quite heavy so I load it a bit slowly. Hope that you will continue improving and developing.