My first game! (Tricky Triangle)

This is the first proper game I have made. It has been a learning process to understand how to make games and specifically use Gdevelop. I am excited to use what I’ve learned on my next project. Making games is what I hope to do as a job, and I am working on building skills to make better and better games. This has been really fun, and I love what I’ve done. Maybe it’s just the joy of making my first game, but I hope you enjoy it too.

Here is the link to play:

The game is called Tricky Triangle. It is a platformer where you shoot out a triangle to teleport you across the level. You play as a little dino trying to find treasure.

Feedback is very much appreciated!


I played, and it’s cool! Good job:)

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Congratulations on your first game!
As feedback I’ll tell you to not hide the tutorial behind the setting menu, added to the 1st “world”, let your first world be the tutorial, specially with such unique idea of game.
Keep going body!!

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If you polish this mechanic with the teleportation triangles it could be really something nice. Maybe a puzzle-platformer.

How about making the dinosaur controllable in bigger levels and its triangles will become its super power to avoid enemies and obstacles.

To lower frustration the triangle could act like a boomerang, so it will fly back to the dinosaur after the use.

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Hi there! Just tried it out and it’s pretty neat!

Liking the idea that the tip of the triangle dictates where it will head if you click again, once I understood that it felt pretty cool to control - also it was fun trying to get the treasure in as few triangles as possible!

For feedback…maybe add an arrow graphic attached to the triangle that points in the direction it’ll head if the player clicks for better visibility? That way it’ll be easier to tell where it will go if you click before it hits a surface. Also, perhaps a way for the dinosaur to be able to move, but limited, like only left and right? That way you could make some intricate levels with the triangle giving it the added pizazz?

Excellent lil’ game, enjoyed it - cheers to your debut!

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Congratulations on your first game dude! Keep up the great work!

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