My first platformer

just finished my first platform game not exactly a AAA title but not bad for a first attempt.

Thought the game was going to a bit longer to play but turned out to only take a minute or 2 to beat

Any feedback is welcome

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It’s very cute and everything seems to work perfectly, well done.

I agree with one of the newgrounds comments about not liking to go back to the start of level 1 when failing level 2. Also, would the game play experience be smoother and more captivating if the level re-starts automatically? Right now I have to take my hand away from the keyboard to click Try Again with the mouse. If it re-started automatically then I think people would be more likely to keep playing especially if they didn’t have to go back to level 1.

I didn’t keep playing to succeed at level 2 after a couple of failed attempts so can’t comment on the rest of the game.

I decided to edit the game and enhance it with a much better scoring system and no gameover screen took me a long while to work out the scoring but I do think it makes the game a little better also I reduced the dog characters size as he was a little too big