My First Serious Game

I’ve posted the first three levels of what I’m calling my serious attempt at creating a video game on
It’s a platformer type puzzle game, where you control a robot who has to fix anything it finds broken.

It was made entirely within GDevelop by just me, which is why the artwork and the sounds are a bit amateur!

Let me know what you think, particularly regarding the performance, as it seems to judder on my PC.



Are the sound effects supposed to be like that? It sounds like something I encountered where the sound effect is being constantly triggered and it ends up with multiple sounds playing at once, creating a cacophony. That might also explain performance issues.

I have had some trouble with the sound, particularly the volume, someone has already said it’s too loud. I’ve uploaded a new version which will hopefully cure some of the problems.



My game came sixth in the Pixel Art Game 1M jam on! As it’s my first serious attempt at a game and it’s just a prototype I’m pretty happy with that. It’s certainly increased my motivation to continue developing it.