My first small game: Rony's Story

Hello everyone !
I have just released my first small html5 and Android game called ‘Rony’s Story’. Rony’s Story is a classic Top-Down game platformer. As a puppy Rony you have to survive in the jungle river. Please check if the game works well and there are no bugs in the game. You suggestions, comments and any thing else would be helpful for me. Sorry for my English. Thanks.

Play it here.


i finished it. looks neat.
My complain would be, that it took me 3 trys to realize that it was the snakes that where killing me. The sprite is a good chunk smaller then the hitbox.

I just can say that the difficulty seems to me bad graduated. Otherwise, it is fresh and pleasant.

Very nice game, so colorful, easy to play, good job.

Good art, interesting idea. I’m always for more games with dogs as the playable character.

Thank you very much for watching and your suggestion. I appreciate it really much.

Nice game :slight_smile: I’d like an easier start and progressive difficulty increase

That was a fun quick play. Very good for a first game and the graphics are cool and clean :slight_smile:

Thanks Gruk, you’re right. I must put these mistakes right .

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HI Gorguruga, Thank you so much for compliment, i really appreciate it.