My game for wowie game jam 3.0

Hi, so I made a game for the wowie game jam 3.0. It is called cubio, where you are a square. But, the winning and losing thing is broken. So, you might become stronger if you lose. You can know more about it here: Cubio by Leo Red
It would also be helpful if you could rate the game for the jam here: Cubio by Leo Red for Wowie Jam 3.0 -

Thanks :hearts:


It’s impressive you’ve managed to make this in only 3 days, Midhil! I’m sorry for being unable to rate your game, since I’m not participating in the Game Jam, won’t let me rate.

However I can still give you a few tip that might help you with any future project you might plan to do later:

  • Make yours dialogues larger. They can’t be too large, of course, but in this mini game, the font size is just too small and the dialogues are too long, to the point it was hard to read everything. You need to make it clean and straight, people don’t want to make too much effort to read a long text and with a font size too small;
  • You should take some lessons of how to create a good level design. Not only your main character (the cube) has a large hitbox, but the needle in the middle of that small platform and the character’s low jump strength make the task of overcome the obstacle needlessly hard. You need to provide a challenge to the players, but it must be fair enough, not frustrating;
  • Speaking of hitboxes, you need to pay attention on them. The main character’s hitbox cannot be too small nor too large, but you need to make the hitboxes of enemies and traps slightly smaller, while making the hitboxes of friends and items slightly larger. Again, you should consider studying more about what makes a good level design.

I’m just giving some critique, please don’t take me wrong. We all need someone who can point our mistakes, so we may know what needs to be fixed in order to create better, more polished works. Creating games is a journey on its own, and like everything else, you must learn and study how a good game design is made, which is something that takes time.

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Thank you so much :heart: I am always open to constructive critisism. And all the things you said are right, I will surely improve it. Do you think I should improve on the VFX, music and graphics?

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You’re welcome, Midhil, and thank you too! I’m glad for being able to help you somehow. ^w^

As for your question, you’ve managed to do a good work in the graphics and effects, specially within 3 days. I absolutely love how the main character has a bouncy animation for when it jumps. With all of that said, you should consider paying more attention to the graphics to come with something more polished.

Take the platforms as an example. They’re just a red rectangles, they look more like something meant for a prototype or for a debug run than something you would expect for a game. You should take in consideration where exactly the level takes place. Is it in outer space, or in an alien planet, or maybe in Earth?

Judging by the background, I guess it takes place in hills and mountains. In this case, instead of a red rectangle, it could have been, instead, grass and land, or even a more arid terrain.

GDevelop has a Platform Game example, you should consider looking at it and see the graphics. Even if they’re simple, they still manage to inform you about the world where it takes place, making it more believable instead of putting a number of random objects and assets to create a level.

Since you prefer to create vector-based graphics, you should also look for more inspiration from other works. You can always look for vector images and vector assets in Google Search or other search engines. Again, we’re looking for inspiration to create your own assets, if you decide to use something, be careful with the licenses and see them carefully to avoid getting a headache in the future.

As about the music… Sadly I was unable to hear it. I’m not sure if it was something with my browsers or my system, but I was only able to hear the sound effects. Please forgive me for this.

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Yes, you are right, I am not really a great artist at vector graphics yet. So, I didt risk it and just went for a simple look. If you look at all my games on itch, they are all just squares or circles :sweat_smile: I will try making them better, I do have an idea with a grass look as you suggested. And about the music, it is present in the menu, you could not hear it as I put the volume a bit too low by accident as I was trying not to irritate the user :sweat_smile:

Thanks :heart: