My Game Idea with G-Develop

I was wanting some feedback on whether this is a good game idea or not. In my game, I’m going to make the player choose what their name will be then it will switch to the default player with the name of the player which later gets changed to Wolf. In the later parts of the game the player will finally get a physical form and they will be able to choose which torso, head, and legs they will have(kind of like Deltarune, btw great game go play it!) The game is mainly based off of a story I wrote in multiple notebooks when I got bored over the summer. The player is god of a universe that exists in a notebook which the player affects by writing and editing the notebook. The main thing my game/stories are trying to clear up is my own version of how wolves, vampires, ghosts, etc. came into being and their original purpose, which is to kill the player. The game will have the player at a high determination level so anyone below that level will die if afflicted by the player. The main goal of the game is to kill Satan after he defeats and overthrows god. The player will succeed but the first time he doesn’t make sure that his soul shatters so Satan comes back in a different form. When Satan comes back he makes tons of new monsters with some of his determination which is vampires. He explains that the vampires will have a thirst for human blood so they will want to kill Wolf and they will be more determined than him. I would give the rest of the events in the Timeline but I’m kinda tired of typing, lol, and I don’t wanna spoil it when I get finished.

I’m not sure if I understood everything correctly, but this seems like a nice idea.
And what genre would it be?

Story-based rpg. Mixed with a little adventure.

Do you want help with it? It sounds very huge to develop. You should push it on github and give the link to let people help you.

Good suggestion but Im always offline. I should be able to be online more next year and I might push it on github

Why can’t you push it now as you are online? :thinking:

I don’t have the file on this computer

can you share your project progress with us :question:

Sure! Unfortunately I uhh… Haven’t actually been working that much on it hehe… :sweat_smile: I have created the first room and I have finished with the first character’s animations. I am working on an inventory system that has different forms of chests and the player’s inventory. I have also made the main menu and character name creation.