My game is freezing on TD movement :(

Hello community,

I’m still a noob, trying to follow YT tuts as I go.

My issue is, I have a player_sprite with topdown behavior.

As soon as I added ‘player is/isnot moving’, then my problems began.
If I toggle off, then all is working.

I guess, my only thought is… my version of gdevelop upgraded earlier to 5.2.168 … is this a BUG?.

Please please help.

originally I was following a tut (How To Make An RPG Like Stardew Valley - With GDevelop)

but i changed the key behaviour as this just caused me more headaches.

As soon as I added ANY KEY RELEASE

My game freezes :frowning:

So does it only freeze with the any key released condition? As in does it work when you remove/disable that specific condition? Just a shot in the dark, try to disable the automatic collision box for the player sprite (click the use custom collision box), let me know if that helps at all.

I don’t understand what’s happened tbh! Thanks @weadsy1

Yeah that little bug has been getting everyone recently, luckily it is easily fixable :slight_smile:

Yep the latest gdevelop version doesn’t use a default collision mask anymore when none is specified, and instead generates one automatically based on transparent areas of images.

Unfortunately that last part doesn’t seem to work, so animation frames are left with no collision mask, which crashes since GDevelop expects a collision mask to always be present.

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