My game starting to take shape

Hello to everyone here is some screenshots from my project :blush:

I have a working elevator too
I just started to give a shape I’m not 100% sure yet for the final art style but I getting somewhere.

The climbing it will be an important aspect of the game

Also some lions breathing fire (not implemented yet)

I will keep this Topic for updates to my work any feedback would be awesome.
Hello community today June 24 finally i have a basic HUD the heart icon indicates the lives we have , working like a charm exept the sword health icon for now.

Also i just finished the first frame of my Pegasus and i thinking to make the wings separete for movement animations when he fly.
I need your advises here in order to approach the most right path within the GDevelop engine for this implementation.
I made a short video

Hello to all again
I have a problem

I made the marks from the tires but they have an offset when the car change rotation I followed the top down car example as a guide can someone give me a direction with this?

I just solved my problem

I had forgotten the option edit point in sprites
We had an offset of frein up to the left now with the origin (red) properly posisioned everything working as was intended!


Wow! looooking awsome…is that all art is made by u?

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Yes all art is by me with Krita and a bit of Gimp the lions is an old 3D mesh I sculpted last year with Blender and I think is fitting very well here I making my music and sounds with LMMS , I use also some recordings and I mixed them out with Audacity pretty much this is my workflow.

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Trust me I am very good in painting yes but I’m not a pro user of the GDevelope engine I’m confident that someone here is able to help you efficiently :relaxed:
I’m hoping the best to you be well brother


Thank you Diana for your kind words :blush:


Man cant wait to play youre game…Loking soooooo cooooooool


Really nice screenshots! :slight_smile:


Thanks brother :fist_left::blush:


The visual style is mesmerising and immersing. Keep it up)