My introduction...

Hi all.
I’m Alex and i’m 20 years old. I’ve found this software since 1 year, but i tried it just for minutes. Now, i downloaded it again, tested it an hour and it’s very nice, so thanks for develop it :wink:
I was using Engine001 before, and i’ve learned a lot of visual scripting skills in this software. I’ve looked around for alternatives and i tried construct classis, too. For now and a long time i want to use GDevelop. The visual script editor is really nice and i got today my first problem, which i posted here in the forum.
My target is to make a long 2D RPG, with a good story, a statsystem and a long gameplay. It should be an action rpg, with a high damage number etc…
Thanks for reading :wink:

Making a game like that will be a long and difficult task. I strongly suggest at first just to make several simple games.

Oh and welcome !

Or at least wait a bit. I plan to write RPG system because I’m frankly tired of RPG Maker’s limits then make it free to use for all people.

@Mats: Yes i know :slight_smile:
It will take some time to make my game, but it’s only my target to make this game above. Therefore i will (of course) do simple games.

@Darkhog: That’s nice. Until that i will do the basics of GD. I’m looking forward to test your rpg system when it’s coming out. Good idea :wink: