My introduction

Hi, I call myself The Metal Carrot based upon the characteristics of a character in a game I’m working on using the GDevelop program.

In regards to my interests, one particular interest of mine is shaders, and also blending modes. Both are a pretty big interest and fascination of mine. So sorry in advance if I end up talking about these two things a lot :slight_smile:

In regards to video games… whether playing them or making them… I do have a bit of a special interest in platforming games. Other genres I like include fighting games, as well as RTS games.

It’s nice to meet you all.


Hi there TheMetalCarrot! Welcome to the forums!

I’m new also, but reaching out’s the fun part - hopefully if you have any questions the friendly folks here can answer 'em - I’m not that experienced with coding in general but I’ll help out if I can!

Excellent to meet’cha!

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I appreciate the welcome! Nice to meet you too.

I might end up with some coding questions. Right now, I’m more stuck on things like art style and ‘look’ of the game, though. I use a lot of lighting effects, so getting them right can be hard.