My name's Taylor and I'm here to learn and share

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all out there crafting your electric worlds with care.

I am excited to utilize this game engine. I am currently working primarily on a game I am calling Expansion of the Night. It is a 4x strategy game set in a modern city where you must manage to keep your monsters hidden from the world, but also exist in it.

There are supernatural threats and plenty of normal ones that will come to acquire what you have, will you resist them or work alongside them?

While you expand your influence you will need to work alongside both the mortal world and the immortal one, each solves problems differently.

Since I am focusing on making this a mobile game I am also utilizing mini games that someone could play for their resources or to help solve certain events that transpire. This is where I plan on utilizing a lot of the cool things I have learned from example projects.

Sometimes this feels pretty big in scope, so I just focus on making each part of the game play something I enjoy. I love writing so utilizing Yarn has been a godsend at the moment. I really enjoy crafting believable characters that will react to what you’re doing which seems really hard at times but their responses will be based on a sliding scale of your resources.

I want this to be a game that people can almost escape to. Yeah, you’re controlling a bunch of monsters that have to live amongst the humans but what you do with that power is actually the interesting part.

Anyways, this is getting a little long.

So most importantly, if there is something I can help with please let me know. I would rather be known as the guy that tried to help others when he could than some fantastic game designer. I can’t stress enough how new I am to this, but I am learning and will continue to do so.


Hello and welcome to the GDevelop community. I hope you have a lot of fun here.

We would like you to help people in need on this forum and if you need help too, you can always ask and we’ll do our best to help you.

Anyway, your game looks very interesting and I hope you make it to the end.

Hey! Thanks for the welcome, I’m working on being active in the forums but also trying to dodge the badge of try-hard.

So far the game is moving along, hoping to get the courage to share things with the community soon. A lot of you guys are simply out of my league at the moment, but I plan on getting my skills up to par.

Any chance you have an idea where other 4x developers might be lurking on Gdevelop?

Finally, I am thinking about sharing all the resources that I have found to perform different tasks and get things ready to be used in the game. While I am sure lots of veterans will have found a lot of these, I’m hoping the some of the tools will be useful to people.

You’re welcome :wink:
You don’t have to worry about sharing things with the community, people are friendly here.
As for your question, I don’t really know, but maybe you should look in the community, game showcase and see what kind of games people are making, you might be able to find it, if not, try asking directly on the forum.
Finally, sharing the resources you use is always interesting for people who are looking for them, because it’s possible that some of these resources have never been shared before, so when in doubt, it’s always better to share.

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