My new account!

Hi everyone I’m the creator of Miko’s Adventures, my old account was by the name of Khaledali but sadly I couldn’t retrieve it after the updated forum, It’s really sad for me that I lost that other account, I had more than 200 questions on these forums and I really hope that they help anyone out there because without asking and getting so much help from the great people here, I wouldn’t be able to learn anything on game development, so just thought of letting everyone know :slight_smile:
This is Miko’s Adventures post (devlog) if you’d like to check it out: Miko's Adventures (Out now!) - #15 by khaledali
Anyway Have a nice day everyone :slight_smile:
See you around, I ask a lot! :smile:

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Yesterday 4ian fixed the problem with recovery emails and system messages not getting through the spam filters for some people. You can try it again.

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Thank you so much for letting me know, it actually worked finally, and I’m replying with it right now :smiley: really glad it worked :smile:
Thanks a lot !

But I will keep using this new account though and I will get back to the old one whenever I need it, I’m just glad the old one Is there whenever I need to check something.
Thanks again my friend!

@khaledali @CorianderGames i’m glad it worked :slight_smile:

It seems that i’m able in the administration to change your forum nickname, so if you prefer… it’s possible to keep the old account with your new “brand” name :slight_smile: Beep me on discord if you want to.

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