My new app, Oblidat Souls, not and easy game to overcome

Hi showing my new app available in the playstore.

Playstore: Oblidat Souls.

A condemned soul confined in a castle along with creatures as keepers.

From the depths of the castle survive and escape deadly traps, enemies that will burn you, pulverize you and make you bleed before you reach salvation.
Race against time and use your wits and skills to survive, find the whereabouts of your brother and seal the gates forever.

“Wont die but will suffer”.


Love the ambience and the pixel art, it’s seem to be challenging game, good job.

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Thank you so much.
Yes you are alright, game is challenging,
I dont know what is more frustating, the time I was creating it, or right now that I am triying to complete all stages.:rofl:


Looks amazing!!! Well done. Do you mind if your share the source code? I would like to see how certain actions are done?

But the game looks really fun to play. Simple yet challenging. Great work!

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Hi thank youfor your comment,
Can tell me exactly what actions you would like to know about?
So I can provide what you are looking for. The applications that I have made I only use the available events, as I have no programming experience, and sometimes I think that I create many redundant actions, but at the end of 100 attempts they work. But tell me which ones you are looking for and I will provide you how I made them work and maybe you can simplify them for your use.

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Hi, ty!

The wall stick that allows a second jump and how did you do it where the player jumps through the tiles from below and they break and disappear as he touches them?

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For the wall Jump.

For the Tiles ( I create the vanish_block 8x8_px, to be in the player feet, so if the head touch any other tile, it wont dissapear.

Hi, why do people use a hitbox sprite and not the sprites hitbox? Is there any flexibility in doing so?

The main reason can be, because the player sprite sometimes is bigger than the hitbox, for instance in my game I use the hitbox for collisions my the hitbox is 16x16 and my player is 22x22 and if a sword is equipped becomes 32x22 so is a good practice to use the hitbox only for collisions.

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Okay that makes sense. Sounds fun to experiment with

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