My new video game

hi all, I am onymousgames. I have been learning GDevelop for some time now and first of all I would like to thank Florian for a wonderful piece of software, even if it has a few quirks: like blurry text and audio not loading and in my case stopping to play all together. But it is a great tool and underrated I believe. I would like to thank the developers that help build it and the community, I have learned a lot from you guys.
Here is the prototype of a game I have been working on. It is rough and needs a lot work still but it is a start and I am proud of it. Hope you enjoy, all the best.

ayana’s scarecrow


Nice game you got there :slight_smile:
Keep up the good work :clap:

thank you very much, will do :grinning:

Great job! I like the graphics. Keep it up! I experienced a bug when the monster ate all the vegetables and kept walking through the wall.

thanks a lot for comment and heads up on bug. To be honest with you I completely forgot to face that issue :grinning:

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Good game You should keep up the good work
but i think the game was too fast:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

much appreciated, thank you :blush:

I totally agree; it’s a fantastic tool for budding developers to bring their game ideas to life. The community and developers behind it are indeed gems when it comes to support and learning. As for your game prototype, it’s fantastic that you’ve taken the plunge and started creating. All great games start somewhere, and having a rough prototype is a crucial step in the process. Don’t worry about the quirks; those can be ironed out with time and experience. Speaking of gaming, I’m a big fan of CS2 myself. There’s something exhilarating about those intense matches.

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