My online game on GDevelop

:white_check_mark:You can test the game right in the browser :white_check_mark:
Guys, the first version of the game is already available!
You can play and chat with other players!
Do not forget that first you need to choose a server for communication.
And I want to ask you to write something in the game chat, I want to know how the chat works for you.



It’s neat. I think it’s cool you added chat server capabilities.
It would be nice if you added something to explain what the objective of the game portion is.
I collected all the “gifts” but I had no idea what I was supposed to do.
I also didn’t know how the controls mapped exactly… WASD gives some linear momentum, and click seems to increase bounce… but it’s really unclear.
Good luck!

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As far as the limited functionality of the game is concerned, that’s okay, because it’s just a prototype of the game.
I decided to share with you what I am working on and how do you like the idea of this game.

Briefly about the game

  • The main character is a ball that will participate in different missions in different locations on the map.
    The main character’s task is to clear the location of enemies with the help of various drones, collect prizes, defeat bosses and visit other epic locations.
    Strengthen the ball by improving armor and other parameters.

  • Drone
    This is your friend, big brother and just a drone!
    Because it is he who will protect you in battles.Improve your drone by increasing efficiency and setting various configurations.
    Choose the weapons you want to equip your drone with: rifles, machine guns, missiles and even lasers.

  • Others
    The ability to create accounts to store your resources, experience, achievements, etc.
    Daily gifts and prize draws

  • Chat
    Fun communication between players

    :warning: May be :warning:

  • Full-fledged multiplayer, where a certain number of players fight on one map in real time

  • Create your clan, a separate chat for the clan

:grey_exclamation: On my own behalf, I want to say that the game will be colorful and interesting, and in order for it to become a reality, I need to work hard … :grey_exclamation:

Maybe adding some tutorial of what to do at the start of the game would be great.
Use the mouse to move the ball.
Press and hold left click to …
Anyway very nice game, and plus thanks for your submission to Crimson Games Io

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Okay, I’ll add today