My Project Has Become Unusable

Hello, I’m unable to work on my game now because I’m constantly getting error messages or the program crashes. Sometimes on startup or when saving, the screen goes white. Here are some of the various error messages I get:

-“Something wrong happened. Please backup your game file.”

-“An autosave file (backup made automatically by Gdevelop) that is newer than the project file exists”

-“There was an error while making an auto-save of the project. Verify that you have permission to write in the project folder”

-“Unable to save as the project! Please try again by choosing another location”

-'Unable to open project. Check that the file exists, that the file is a proper game created with GDevelop and that you have authorization to open it"

I’m used to GDevelop crashing, giving me error messages, and deleting the contents of the game files so that they have 0 bytes and won’t open. So I save my project with a new name every hour or so. But now it won’t let me save. I did manage to get it to save today by saving in a new location but if I do that every time I save it’s going to take up too much space on my computer because it copies all the files that are used in the game and I save multiple times every day.

I’ve been working on this project pretty much every day for multiple hours a day for over a year and at this point I really don’t want to have to start over with a different game-making program. Does anyone know what the problem could be and is there a solution? Is it possible that GDevelop can’t handle large games? My game now has a very high number of variables, scenes, images, sounds, conditions, etc.

I’m using a Mac with MacOSMojave Version 10.14.6.

I saw some big and complex games, and the game becomes too laggy to be playable before impacting the IDE so i doubt the size of your games matters here. If you have problems saving, it is most likely user permissions issue.

GDevelop saving 0 bits should be impossible, as multiple fail-safes were added to prevent this from happening. Make sure you are using the latest version of GDevelop.

If your concern is saving multiple versions of your file, you can use git to have a low storage taking alternative to keeping those multiple versions. It also allows backing up your game files to a private github repository easily.

OK, I don’t know what a user permission issue is. How can I fix that? I’m the only person working on this game so I don’t know why I wouldn’t have permission to work on it.

I forgot to mention, I also get error messages about the game being malformed. I don’t know what that means. Maybe that is helpful to figuring out a solution.

It may no longer do the thing where it makes the file have 0 bytes. It hasn’t done that recently. I do have the latest version of GDevelop. But it does crash a lot, usually when saving. Since I’m having a hard time saving due to crashes or errors I can’t make any progress with my project.

I don’t mind saving multiple versions of the file but I just don’t want to have to save in a new location every time because if I do that it is going to make new copies of all the files of the game like the pngs, midis, mp3s etc. That will use up a lot of space. It seems like that might be what I have to do now, though, because last time I successfully got it to save, that’s how I did it. Before I could just keep saving new versions of the game in the same folder so that it didn’t have to make copies of all the related files.

I have been having more and more problems with my project and now it just I can’t get anything done with it. So it seems like the bigger it gets the more issues it has. Or maybe the more times I save it the more bugs it gets?

Is it possible that there is a line of code that is causing problems? I think I read on another forum thread that after someone saved their game some of the code went missing. I don’t know anything about coding so I wouldn’t know what to look for.

Is there someone I could send my game to so that they could take a look at it and see if they can find a problem with it?

This sometimes happens to me as well.

This is just like its written, backup and it happens when you preview your game.

This happens(happened to me) when GDevelop suddenly crashes when I was previewing my project and try to open it again.
An autosave file… appears and when I click OK(or Yes maybe), this appears.

I gave up working on this project a while ago because of these issues. But I would really like to be able to to continue to work on it. Do you think the project is unfixable? Is it possible that after the next Gdevelop update it might start working again? And are there people I can hire to try to fix it?