My project requirements

Hi (sorry if there are mistakes but I use google translate)
I am developing a full game on GDevelop and I want to send the prototype to some of my friends and put the full game on some of the school computers (this is allowed), but the computers there are a bit weak, so I want to know what are the minimum operating requirements for most of the games that are being exported

Gdevelop also runs quite well even on older systems. But for development I recommend a fast computer.
I use Gdevelop mainly for Android development. And it runs super smoothly.
Of course you have to consider a few things. The resources should not be too large and memory intensive. And not too many frames. Music and sound also not too big. The program structure should be clean. e.g. close a timer that is no longer required. There are still a lot of little things in this direction. You can also control your game a bit via the debugger. If you stick to all these things then there shouldn’t be any problems.

Hi one thing I do is just to upload my games to Kartidge, the website has a tab that show the requirements of the game

There so many ways to test this you can also run in Preview and activate Profiler and test your CPU and RAM usage during the game.

Plus you can read here for more