My Score

Hi Folks,
well version 1.0 of my project is now available on the Play Store.
(iOS when I can afford the Developer Account!)

My Score … ev.myscore

Here are the release notes:

What does it do ?
MyScore is a simple app that takes the stress out of adding up your score after a competition in your favourite target sport. This version is for adding up scores over five targets with ten attempts at each target. It was originally designed for the B27 style target, so the score range is from seven to ten (including Bulls).

Applicable Target Sports:
Any other target sport where the score is from seven to ten and you have five targets with a total potential score of 500.

What about features ?
Well there are a lot of apps out there that allow you to take a photograph and do the thing with the touch screen to add up your score and analyse your results. This app doesn’t attempt to be as sophisticated, no data is stored within the app. Your privacy regarding some easy but particular maths is handled by the app, that’s all it does - it’s a calculator that’s all.

Why did I make My Score ?
I have been a sporting shooter at an Australian club for fifteen years.

My father used to be a butcher and has hunted all his life. Firearms are something that I never thought I would be interested in, but my father came to me many years ago and said how about we try this.

I have come to enjoy a good comp with my father at a local indoor range. However, for fifteen years I have been the one with the calculator adding up the scores at the end. So I made My Score. My father has been my test market in being able to use it, so that I can just hand the phone to him now to add up the scores.

Will there be other versions ?
At this stage I am launching with this version. If you folk (the users) support it well enough, I will program different versions for other target/shot regimes.

What’s New ?
This is my first release for MyScore, it is also my first release on the Play Store.

It has not been easy entering the world of app development. I just want to say thanks to the community surrounding GDevelop and of course 4ian as well.

At the end of it all I compiled via, because the screen flickering prob with my Samsung S5 mini would not go away. So I relied on the webviewer+ engine to make sure it would run correctly on my hardware. I have tried the new subscription service, however the prob with screen flickering remains.

I did have to generate my keys with android studio though, so that I could sign the cocoon builds.

(edit: However I still do not know how to disable the network permissions with the cocoon build. My Score has no need for ANY permissions. I can see the manifest file in android studio (after opening the apk generated by cocoon) where the network permissions are, but the manifest file is read only. The best answer to that from what I can work out, is that cocoon builds want network access so that they can call home with metrics.)

I would have liked to have used IntelXDK to build it, but all the intel links say that it is discontinued.

For my first app I am rather proud of all the learning that it has taken me to make the app that I had in my minds eye.

So thanks to all and let’s see how we go.


Congrats ! This seems nice ! But it’s really speciliazed apps ! Maybe i’ll give a try on dart game to it !