My second game was ready

 I was away for a few days, and since last week I worked on my second game made with GDevelop, an attempt at a lighter Android app. This made me discover that it was the songs (one for each level and also when gaining lives, dying, and catching the seahorse) that made my other mega game heavy.
 This game is called ‘100km’ and part of a simple idea: A guy in a kayak on a goal of doing 100km, dodging rocks and logs, and collecting lifebuoys.

I liked the result, and I would love to know that other people had fun with it, so it’s free on Google Play.
The intention is simple fun, but tips on what can be improved are always welcome.


Good job! Looks nice

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Yeah, it’ s really a good work! Game idea is simple but looks addictive.
I have not yet played but i’ll soon install your game on my Android phone
All my congratulation!

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