My semi-awesome rpg!

Title: Unknown. No good author names his book before he knows what it’s about, and anything can happen in the middle of a story. That being said, I haven’t even started storytelling for my game yet, though I have a few vague quest ideas. Therefore, I cannot name it yet.

Current Basic Mechanics:
*Randomized but scriptable loot boxes, including barrels and chests.(Still needs the randomization part fixed.)
(In progress) Pong-based combat system.
*Fishing minigame.(Still needs an on-screen score variable and events to make the fish be deleted upon contact with the hook.)
*Four-directional movement with optional rotation, using separate angling keys.
*Randomly pathfinding npc.
*Oregon Trail style Travel scene between areas (Definitely won’t function until after everything else in the demo is configured well because I won’t add any areas at all to the demo world, which all takes place in one scene.)
*“Canopy” object group decreases opacity when player comes in collision.
*One npc randomly pathfinds around, mainly in the first room.
*Room-based camera movement with all rooms in the background shaded out, as well as anything that is in contact with them, except for one buggy wall block with a squeezing space through the middle.
*The player can go through narrow pathways in walls only at a certain angle.
*Campsite area accesible from every area (there’s currently only one area and the glowing blure square currently doesn’t prompt “go to campsite?” when player is in contact with it or allow the player to teleport to campsite with it because I have more important issues to deal with right now.)
*I have fully completed the bubble pop mini-game for the bath / pond at the campsite and when I am configuring the campground, I will add scene transitions for it.

Give helpful but not malicious feedback as you wish, but keep in mind that it is relatively early into development.

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