My Short and Sweet Jam Entry (Testing)

Hi, I’m taking a break from developing Human Piñata to enter to a Jam that I found fun. The Jam ends on August 14th but some friends of mine are helping me test it out before the Jam ends and they are reporting me some bugs that I can’t reproduce myself therefore I can’t fix them so if you give it a try and found some bugs that you can reproduce and the report them in this thread it will be really helpful for me

If you want to help me out click here:

I hope I can get some feedback!

I was keep shooting those red dudes but after x levels not only the character but even I dropped out :stuck_out_tongue:
Otherwise I like the art but the levels just empty and feels repetitive after a while.

Regarding bugs, not sure few things:
When you press multiple keys like A+W or D+W I find the movement of the character bugged, but maybe it done by purpose.
When my character is about to drop out and the red bar just become even more red the feathers seems to no longer decrease the bar but again, I’m not sure what the bar and the feathers are for (maybe I lost my wings and I try to get it back feather by feather :laughing: )
Items sometime created outside the wall (?) so I can’t get to them…

Things I don’t like:
The GUI sometime cover the enemy and I notice only when got shot
Direction of movement and shot is controlled by the same keys (but then if it would be controlled by different keys maybe it would be too easy so not sure how it would be better).
The shot of the enemy seems to follow me even if I try to avoid it

Hi, thanks for your feedback, I would like to know if you experienced any kind of frame drop or Doors not disappearing when changing maps?

And about the emptiness of the levels, yeah you are totally right but It’s because I’m still finishing the AI for the mobs :smiley: , I have a week to do so before the jam ends and also I’ll improve such things like the GUI which are there just to test if they work and add an intro so you can know what’s the plot about I’ll still need to finish some assets too and animate the main char.

Also you are right I still need to fix where the enemies spawn, but I wanna know how often it happens to appear outside the map?

About the enemy bullets changing direction is because I can’t find a better way to do that :stuck_out_tongue: . I set them to go to the position that the player had when the shot happened so each time it shots again it updates the position position therefore the bullet changes direction :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I didn’t experience any frame drops and not disappearing doors.
I have experienced items appear outside the map only twice out of 10+

Regarding the bullets, when the bullets are created, you could store the target (player) X and Y position inside an object variable then move each bullet toward the X and Y position stored inside the object variable. This way, I believe each bullet should move toward their own target position independently.

Cool thanks for the advice and for taking the time to test I’ll try that to see if that works ^_^/

I fixed a few bugs and added the AI for the big mob so feel free to check the game with this fixes. More to come since the deadline o the jam is getting closer :slight_smile:

I have just noticed a bug. The enemy bullets seems to stop if I kill the enemy that shot the bullet or maybe it happening because you move the bullet only if the number of enemy > 0 or something. Not so sure because in case of multiple enemies I never know which one going to shoot so the only way I can reproduce it if I kill them all except one, and I wait until it shoot a bullet then I kill it and it makes the bullet stop.

Yeah that’s the case (/) I set it to not link tje external event if the enemies were equal or below 0, I forgot about that. I’ll fix today when I arrive home. Thanks for testing it out ^^/

Well I’m going to run the last play testing to try to balance as much as I can the game before the the jam ends. Now you move using “ASDW” and you shoot using “JKLI” .

I specifically want to know:

how much time did it got you to get 9/10 bags
How do you feel the new attack key setup
your opinions on the final boss

Please ignore the collisions since I’m using placeholders I’ll fix that with the final assets and also ignore the graphics on general since most of them are placeholders. I’ gonna start working on graphics and illustrations needed and with the feedback I’ll fix them tomorrow when I arrive at home at night. Thanks for testing :slight_smile: here’s the link

I like the combat this way a lot better but I’m not sure if the JKLI keys are the best. It would be more comfortable with the arrow keys in my opinion.

The boss fight seemed fun at first but then after I have killed that monster in the hands of the girl I was not really sure what am I supposed to do. The little red dudes was keep spawning and when I was shooting the girl I noticed the white bar in the corner decreasing but always when it reached 0, it recharged. I didn’t have much time to try it more so for now I failed with the boss but don’t really know why.

By the first boss fight I had only 2/10 bags. Unfortunately I don’t have much time to try to get 9/10 would be nice if more people would give it a try but seems like this community is about “how to” questions and answers only, nobody care to comment on each other games and help to improve with suggestions :frowning:

An other thing I have noticed is that the difficulty of the levels is vary. Sometime the levels are more complex with lot of enemy then suddenly a small room with a single enemy only. Also most of the time the enemies just doesn’t move but shoot the bullets. If you have time, maybe you should design the level creation and enemies to increase difficulty. You could for example make the enemies move around, not to move toward the player but move around. Up and down, left and right. You could also add 1 or two different enemy types to every x room with a different style of shot to make it more interesting.

Hey thanks for taking the time to test it and send feedback and yeah here the community is quiet… but just that quiet because according stats peolple come from here to play but it would be nice if they make comment it help us improve the game.

I’ll take your suggestions into account and see what I can add before the jam ends but if enough people show interest in the game I will continue to improve it and add more stuffs that I have in mind but had to cut because its a jam

Hi, some data here:
*7 minutes to get 9/10 bags
*Not fan of the “move direction with it and attack direction with that”, but get used quickly.
*It’s OK, took me some time to get that I had to shoot to the big slime in the hand instead the big guy (and not sure if it’s mandatory), mainly because the boss’ lifebar decreases anyway. I was not able to defeat it because I touched the red laser and get teleported to the topleft of the screen, unable to walk again :frowning:

Good luck! :smiley:

Hey thanks for the data 0/ I guess 7 min is ok. Also I realized I didn’t linked the win condition to the scene :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks hopefully I’ll update the final version for the Jam on Sunday.

Hi everyone!

I just recently submitted the game as an entry for the jam.

I hope you can enjoy it here:

Here are some pics

Just wanted to thanks the people that took the time to play it and also the ones that left a comment!

Just wanted to share a gameplay video made by a youtuber where she showcase various games from the Jam including the one we made. Here’s the link if you want to watch it: