My submission for brackeys game jam 2021.1

HI, I finished and submitted my game for the brackeys game jam 2021.1. It is called bubble up, This is a game were you are a circle (bubble as I like to call it) and you are in a endless world, were loots and parts drop (Out of no where).

You can collect parts by touching them or coming close to them. They will attach to you (Like what bubbles do). There are currently 5 types of parts. There are also enemies roaming around, who are also collecting parts. And if you come close to them, they will follow you.

Also thank you all for helping me create it, I had made multiple topics asking doubts about this game and how to do it. And I got the answers within 5 hours max! Thank you all :hearts:

Here is the game, it might have some performance issues but it is fine. Bubble up! by Leo Red

Some feedback would be very helpful!

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It got laggy rather quickly, and I didn’t meet many enemies.
Aside from that, good job :slight_smile:

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Thanks, :heart: Ya, the enemy tends to be very variable. Happy to know you liked it